Building Bridges for Integration

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The aim of the Module is to enhance the understanding on issues related to the needs of refugees and migrants. In particular, at the end of this Module, participants will be able to assess when and how the transition from the country of origin to the host country poses risks or opportunities. In addition, participants will be able to develop an integrated approach in order to prevent or address problems arising from this transition and to suggest ways of addressing any problematic situations by supporting the adaptation skills of migrants and refugees, emphasizing in promoting positive attitudes and addressing the negative effects of the transition period.

Learning Outcomes:

  • recognize the needs of migrants and refugees in order to be able to help them to gradually become autonomous
  • describe the multilevel nature of the migrants' and refugees' needs related to education, housing, working life, social life and social participation in general
  • design and implement communication actions in order for migrants and refugees to integrate smoothly into the educational and professional environment of the host country
  • support migrants and refugees to live in the host country by overcoming potential problems